Common options

1. --date-format=PATTERN

Set the format for the returned date

2. --float-precision=NUMBER

Set presicion of floating numbers
Default float-precision is 3

3. --command=CMD

Set command handler

4. --listen

Listen for data on stdin

5. --separator=SEPARATOR

Set common separator character.
Default separator is |

6. --item-separator=SEPARATOR

Set item separator character.
Default item-separator is |

7. --editable

Allow changes to text in some cases

8. --tail

Autoscroll to end of text

9. --auto-scroll

Autoscroll to end of text (alias to tail)

10. --quoted-output

Quote dialogs output

11. --num-output

Output index of active element instead of text for combo-box entry.

12. --fontname=FONTNAME

Specify font name to use

13. --multiple

Allow multiple selection

14. --add-preview

Enable preview

15. --large-preview

Use large preview

16. --show-hidden

Show hidden files in file selection dialogs

17. --filename=FILENAME

Set source filename

18. --mime=TYPE

Set mime type of input data

19. --vertical

Set vertical orientation

20. --key=KEY

Identifier of embedded dialogs

21. --complete=TYPE

Use specific type for extended completion.
TYPE can be any for match any of typed words, all for match all of typed words or regex when typed text treats as regular expression.

22. --bool-fmt=TYPE

Set the output type of boolean values to TYPE. Possible types are T, t, Y, y, O, o and 1.

TYPE Description

T and t

for true/false pair in appropriate case.

Y and y

for yes/no pair in appropriate case.

O and o

for on/off pair in appropriate case.


for 1/0 pair.

23. --scroll

Make main widget scrollable

Disable search in text and html dialogs

25. --file-op

Enable file operations. This option adds open menu item to popup menu.

26. --iec-format

Use IEC (base 1024) units with for size values

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