1. Yad HTML dialog

Display HTML dialog

yad --html
yad html
Figure 1. HTML dialog

This will only show a empty dialog. We need to ad a URL for it to show something.

So if we do this instead:

yad --html --uri=https://github.com/v1cont/yad/ --width=650 --height=480

We got a nice website :-)

yad html uri
Figure 2. YAD’s website in YAD html dialog

2. --uri=URI

Open specified location.
URI can be a filename or internet address. If URI is not an existing file and protocol is not specified a prefix http:// will be added to URI.

Her we give the URL to a website or local file. Example:

3. --browser

Turn on browser mode.
In this mode all clicked links will be opened in html widget and command Open will be added to context menu.

yad --html --browser --uri=https://github.com/v1cont/yad/ --width=650 --height=480
yad html browser
Figure 3. html dialog with --browser

When we right click on the window we got a popup menu:

yad html browser 1a
Figure 4. Right click menu

4. --print-uri

Print clicked links to standard output.
By default clicked links opens with xdg-open.

5. --mime=TYPE

Set mime type of data passed to standard input to MIME.
Default is text/html.

6. --encoding=ENCODING

Set encoding of data passed to standard input to ENCODING.
Default is UTF-8.

7. --uri-handler=CMD

Set external handler for clicked uri. %s will be replaced by activated uri.
Return code of the CMD must be 0 for working, 1 for ignoring uri and 2 for downloading uri.

This option works only in browser mode. There are two environment variables available in handler - YAD_HTML_BUTTON with value of pressed mouse button and YAD_HTML_STATE with value of bitmask with the the state of the modifier keys.

8. --user-agent=STRING

Set user agent string.
Default is YAD-Webkit (@VERSION@)

9. --user-style=URI

Set path or uri to custom user styles. Path to local file can be an absolute file name or uri with file:// prefix.

Disable search bar.

11. --file-op

Enable file operations. This option adds open menu item to popup menu.

When we right click on the window we got a popup menu:

yad html browser 1
Figure 5. Right click menu with Open URI entry

If we select Open URI a dialog is shown to enter a web address or to open a local file.

yad html browser 2
Figure 6. Open URI dialog

12. --wk-prop=PROP

Set additional WebKit setting.
This option may be used multiply times. Setting PROP must be in a form "setting-name value". First character of value must be a type identifier b for booleans, i for integers and s for strings.

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