1. Yad Picture

Display picture dialog

yad --picture \
  --title="Picture viewer" \
  --size=fit \
  --width=400 --height=300 \
yad picture fit
Figure 1. Picture dialog

On right click on the dialog an pop up menu shows.

yad picture rclick
Figure 2. Right click menu

2. --size=TYPE

Set initial size of picture.
Available values are fit for fitting image in window or orig for show picture in original size.

3. --inc=NUMBER

Set increment for picture scaling (default - 5).
How much the image is resized when right click and select either increase size or Decrease size

4. --filename=FILENAME

Set picture filename.
If no file name is specified extra data will be used. In this case several filenames can be specified.

5. --file-op

Enable file operations.
This option adds open menu item to popup menu

yad --picture --file-op \
  --title="Picture viewer" \
  --size=fit \
  --width=400 --height=300 \
yad picture file op
Figure 3. Picture dialog with file-op options

6. --image-changed=CMD

Set command which runs after changing image.
Argument of a command is a filename of current image. Argument can be specified by '%s' pattern or will be the last part of a command.

Some actions on a picture like navigation, scaling or rotating available from popup menu, those actions can be made only on static images.

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