1. Yad Print

Shows a printing dialog.

The yad --print option does nothing alone.
You must add --filename=/PATH/FILENAME

1.1. --filename=FILENAME

Set name or path to the source file.

yad print 1
Figure 1. Print dialog

1.2. --type=TYPE

Set source file type.
TYPE may be TEXT for text files,
IMAGE for image files or
RAW for files in postscript or pdf formats.

1.3. --headers

Add headers to the top of page with filename and page number.
This option doesn’t work for RAW type.

1.4. --add-preview

Enable preview in print dialog.
Adds a Print Preview button to the print dialog.

yad --print \
  --add-preview \
  --type=image \
yad print add preview
Figure 2. Print dialog with print previw button
yad print type image
Figure 3. Print preview
Note --add-preview does not work with --type=raw but it will print.

1.5. --fontname=FONTNAME

Set the font for printing text.
FONTNAME is a string with font representation in the form [FAMILY-LIST] [STYLE-OPTIONS] [SIZE].
This option works only for TEXT type.

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